Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our First Email from Ghana

Akwaaba from Ghana! We are here safe and sound after about 30 hours of traveling. We had a fun filled day yesterday visiting the market in Accra. We have a great friend here named Dela. He has shown us around and let us stay at his house with his family. We are adjusting to the heat and humidity. The temperature has been about 80 degrees at night and 90 degrees during the day. We have also had some awesome rains storms which cool things off a bit. Purified water is about 4 cents in a half liter bag so we buy lots of that. We went to Independence square yesterday where they celebrate Ghanaian independence every year. They just celebrated 50 years of independence in March. We have eaten some authentic food which we are getting used to. They eat lots of bread and eggs, fish, beans and rice and fruit. Today we went out exploring and found a local soccer match going on. The people are all so friendly and welcome us everywhere. Here in Accra there are more visitors and things are very busy. Traffic in the city can be very bad. We are trying to soak everything up here for 3 more days until we head to Cape Coast. We love you all!

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