Saturday, August 25, 2007

Coming Home from Ghana

Coming home from Ghana was quite an adventure! We traveled with Jenna, another one of the BYU students, into our favorite town of Kumasi to stay the night. Then we took the bus into Accra where we stayed with some missionary couple. It was amazing because they lived in a nice apartment and we had hot showers, internet in our room and a great American meal. I think starting from that meal, the meals while you travel and the 2 weeks of vacation in the States when we got back, John and I gained back the weight we lost. In total I think John lost 20 lbs and I lost 15lbs. My braids didn't last very long when I got home because they never really loosed up, they were really heavy and itchy. So here is the aftermath of taking my braids out. Don't worry my hair did tame down after I washed it, although so much hair game fell out I felt bald.
We loved our summer in Ghana and love to tell people about it if you ever want to hear more. We will definitely be going back...some day. Anyone want to come?:)

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