Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life in Boise

Life is pretty low key right now, probably for the last time in our lives. I do have more energy these days though so we have been trying to enjoy the beautiful fall here in Boise. A few weeks ago we went to the Boise State vs. Utah State football game. One of my co-workers gave us 4 tickets so we invited one of John's friend's from high school, Keri and her husband Zach and daughter Saylor. All the blue and orange is proof we were really at a BSU game:) Can you believe John even sported an orange hat?! Check out the Boise hills and colorful trees in the background. I do enjoy the more moderate climate here compared to Utah but still miss the evergreens of Washington.
Pardon the stair railing. The devote BSU fan was not budging from his seat to take a better shot between plays.
On Halloween we went to a little party thrown by some of John's classmates. They were all really decked out which was fun. John went as Napoleon Dynamite again but we thought a pregnant looking Deb would be a little scandalous:)


Paige said...

First of all, I sure hope you're planning to post on Monday & tell all what flavor of baby you're having. & Secondly, it's funny you say you thought a pregnant Deb was scandalous because we have some friends where he was Napoleon Dynamite & she was a pregnant Deb (she's due April 1st). You totally should have done it!

Aaron and Amber Yount said... I think I know your friends from the BSU game....I didn't know they lived in Boise. I swear I see them here in Rexburg pretty often. I am in their old ward, and in her parents' ward (the Fullers). Small world!