Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving, now that it is almost Christmas:)

Sorry for leaving that last picture up for so long, I know it is boarder line inappropriate:) I guess I am officially an inconsistent blogger. That being said, here are my very late Thanksgiving pics. This year John and I traveled to Utah to be with 2 of my 3 siblings that live there. Brian and April hosted the fabulous dinner.
I was April's "Assistant chef" and we sure were a great team. April was the brave woman handling the bird as I took the pregnancy cope out:) Here we are stuffing the bird.
It was great to be with family and friends for a few days. John's Nintendo Wii is definitely broken in now. Here is a pic of the girls doubles tennis match(sorry not an action photo).
Good thing John got "me" two more Wii remotes for my birthday(early) before we went down for Thanksgiving. It was great to have more people playing. I think we all worked off a whopping 1/10th of our delicious feast.

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