Friday, February 6, 2009

New Baby Gear

We are having fun purchasing our new gear for the kiddo. Here are our latest additions:

Crib bedding, this is just a picture of the quilt

dresser/changing table

Recliner(ok, that is kind of stretching the "baby gear" category)

Car seat and Stroller

Finally, a picture of the pack n' play
Our largest and most expensive purchase is our NEW CAR!! We decided 224,000 miles on our old Honda was kind of pushing it so we upgraded to a 10 year newer Honda. It is nice to know we have a super reliable car that is so clean, not that it will stay that way with the addition of children:)


Heather said...

Looks like you guys have been busy spending money :) Your new car looks great. We have a 98 and love it. Your recliner also looks great, we need to get one of those. You guys look all ready for that baby.

Adespain said...

So fun to buy baby stuff, even if ya hate to part with the money!!

So excited for you!

Matthew and Hailey said...

It becomes so real as you look around your house and see it filled with baby items. That is so exciting and fun!

Darin Thomas said...

Hey guys, We MISS YOU! Its a bummer we can't be more involved in your life. but we are excited to at least watch from the blog sidlines.

Nathan and Rebecca Scott said...

Wow. A new car too? Looks nice. Looks like you guys have been busy acquiring a lot of fun new stuff.

Jeff and Johanna said...

Sweet ride! I guess you guys have labeled yourselves Honda people, and that's okay. Don't get too ahead of the game with the baby stuff though. Soon you'll be wondering and walking around looking for the baby.