Friday, April 10, 2009

My hard working husband

I finished my job yesterday so in honor of my first day of retirement from the traditional workforce I will take a second to brag about John. He is working so hard this year in Physician Assistant School. He is in school everyday 8-5pm and then usually studies a good 3 hours in the evenings and most Saturday mornings. Yikes! He will finish up the "book work" year on July 31st and then begin his year of clinical rotations on Aug. 10th. We hope that most of his rotations will be in or around Rexburg so we can relocate there. He will most likely have 2 out of that area possibly in SLC, Provo, and/or Portland/Vancouver. So if anyone knows MDs, NPs, or PAs in OB/GYN, ER or Pediatrics we would love to give them a call about potentially setting up a 6-week rotation. Last Saturday John did some service learning at a local non-profit health clinic and learned a lot of interesting things. He looked so professional when he left that I had to snap a photo. Thanks for working so hard John!

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Kris said...

What a hard working, smart AND handsome guy. I think the lady who let him catch her is pretty lucky. And so is her family. Love you, John.
Mom B