Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy 3rd Anniversary

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary yesterday, June 24th. It was a great day! I opened our present in the morning before John left for school because he wanted me to be able to "use" it during the day. We got a Wii fit! It is really fun and hilarious to watch each other play/work out.
I barely even got around to taking it out of the package before John got home from school early at 11am. What an awesome surprise gift! I used my coupon for a free massage from the hospital where I delivered Max. What a great 1/2 hour:)
These lovely ladies, Chelsea and Karrie volunteered to be Max's first babysitters while John and I went out to dinner.
I swear he was great for them but when he heard Mommy's voice he got a little uncomfortable. Here is our latest family photo.


Austin and Marcy said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Chelsea said...

We had so much fun with Max!!!

Skye and Becca said...

Great picture and happy anniversary!

Nathan and Rebecca Scott said...

Happy Anniversary guys! Glad you had fun.