Thursday, July 30, 2009

Latest stats

Max isn't 4 months yet but we went in for his checkup before we move from Boise. He is growing like a weed!

Age: 3 1/2 months
Weight: 14lbs 15.5 oz
Length: 26.5 in (still above the 97th percentile!)
Head: 16.9 in

Max is holding his head up really well these days and loves to stand up really tall. He can't get enough of his fingers, actually his entire fist in his mouth yet he won't take any of the 5 different types of pacifiers I have bought him.


garrett said...

Wow. Max is getting big. And it is so fun to see him laugh! We can't wait to see you guys down in Utah for a few months.

The Blake Family said...

That sounds amazingly familiar - Nige loves his fists too, not thumbs, just fists and quite often tries to fit both in his mouth at once... he too hates EVERY. SINGLE. paci we have ever tried - we gave up and said we'll just make it through without. We would have taken it away at 6 months anyway, but we are getting by fine. One less thing to drag around, right?

a girl in a gorilla suit said...

what a chub! he is bigger then our little one and she is 5 months! But I guess thats ok cause he is a BOY!