Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our home away from home in SLC

We are settled into our temporary home in Salt Lake City until Sept. 19th. John will begin his General Surgery rotation at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden next week. Unfortunately, this week the surgeons are out of town but fortunately they found a pediatrics PA for John to shadow Tuesday-Thursday, 8-3:30pm. Not too bad for his first week. It think the next 5 weeks will be a little more intense.
We are so grateful to Tom and Emily for opening their home to us. We have a great little room and Max even has his own private suite too, aka the bathroom connected to our room just the perfect size for his pack n' play and most importantly with a closing door:) Max slept great the first 3 months of his life but this last month has been a little rough. He started it out with a cold while we were on vacation and apparently he was old enough to learn during that few days that if he cried during the night his mom would pick him up. So now we are re-learning how to sleep through the night, slowly but surely.
Max is having so much fun playing in the toys at Tom and Emily's. He enjoys the Exersaucer and Jonny jumper(those things that hang in the doorway) because he can stand pretty well now with assistance of course. He has also graduated to rice cereal and just scarfs it down everyday. Here is a funny picture of Max and Ashley when we put him in her dolly stroller.


Becca said...

So glad to see that you guys have gotten settled! I wish we could have been more help when you were moving. You guys are missed!

C World said...

we're going up there to visit the weekend of the 19th. maybe we can see you the 18th before you leave? we'll have to see!