Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fun new toys

Max is learning how to really play with his toys now. He just loves being able to sit up and grab different toys. He is so close to being able to sit up without the security of the bumbo or the laundry basket(a great little discovery the other night)

Max plays with his binkie more than he sucks on it. Whatever entertains him works for me though.

He sucks on this tylenol bottle pretty well though. It is a staple toy in the diaper bag these days.

This is the first time we sat Max in the Bumbo. He is much more used to it now but he still "bucks" out like this when he is tired of sitting in it.


Becca said...

He has gotten so big since you guys moved from Boise. Hope you guys are enjoying Rexburg.

Darin and Shannon said...

oh my gosh fourth from the bottom HE LOOKS LIKE JOHN! the smiley picture! wow. He is such a happy little guy!

thewithers said...

I can't believe how grown up Max is getting! He is doing so many things. What fun. I hope this rotation is going well and you guys are having fun with Grandma and Grandpa. Wish you all were still here!!

Meghan Taylor said...

That picture in the laundry basket is PRICELESS! Love it!

garrett said...

Wow, what a freakin' cutie! And remember, those dinosaur pajamas glow in the dark.