Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moving to the Farm

I didn't realize that John's parents' garden was really a farm. They had to harvest everything the other day because we are already into freezing weather here. There was one day last week with a high of 45 degrees! Here is the view of the harvest minus tons more plums that have already been dehydrated or made into fruit leather, all the apples still on the trees and all the huge red potatoes and squash that filled the cold cellar in the house. I think we have enough food until hibernation is over for the winter:)

Fresh plums
yummy dried plums.

Here are the stages of making fruit leather. I'm becoming a pro.

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The Feltwell's said...

MMM that looks delicious Bethany, you should just package some of that up and send it my way! HA. Max is adorable by the way, and I did hear his giggle on that video, I love it when babies laugh.