Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our stay in Utah

We had a wonderful time staying in Utah at Tom and Emily's. Who else let's their brother and sister-in-law and 1 year old stay for almost 3 months in one year. It was crazy how different it was compared to last August. Max and running and playing with everyone and everything. And now Lucy is around too! It was so cute to see Max try and talk to Lucy in a high pitched voice. It is so funny how kids mimic adults. Apparently, having a 1 year old running around didn't allow me to carry the camera around much but here are a few random pics.
Our Memorial Day weekend at the cabin
Playing with the kids in the awesome, toy-filled basement

Do you remember this same pose from last summer? I think Max is a little bigger:)
Having a ball in the pool. We spent many an afternoon outside in the pool.
Trying to drink from the sprinkler
Testing out Jane's shades
Thanks again to the Adair Fam!!!


The Herlings said...

Fun! All those kids are so cute!

Adriane said...

Hahaha! That picture of Max in the pool fully clothed reminds me of one where I am on my bike, fully clothed, in the middle of a wading pool. When my mom asked, I told her that John told me to do it! Comes full circle, doesn't it?