Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where have the last 2 months gone?

Well, soon after I posted last I was kicking myself for jinxing my happy baby into colicky baby #2. I think we are turning a corner now though so here I am back to the blogging world. Weeks 4-8 were really tough. Luckily he has slept decent at night but often put up a battle to get to sleep. And of course there were those days that he screamed no matter what I did. I have had a really hard time holding my fussy babies so much leading to tendinitis in my hands, wrists, elbows but this time with Zach I learned my lesson. I still get very fatigued in those areas but rest, ice, physical therapy, chiropractors, babysitters, family have all helped this time. Probably my saving grace was when my mother-in-law told me I could do everything for my fussy baby and then make sure he was in a safe place to scream. Zach's screaming matches in the dark bathroom with the fan on kept me sane and he often fell asleep within 5 minutes. Oh, why do my children fight sleep!
My wonderful sister-in-law April came to visit when Zach was 5 weeks old and she definitely saw the worst of the worst. THANK YOU APRIL! Apparently we were so busy we didn't take many pictures but we did have a few fun girl outings and even braved the mall with 2 children.
We traveled to Vancouver March 12th to bless Zach around our families.
Max and Cooper hanging out at Grandma B's house
A cute smile about 6 weeks old
Go Cougars!
Max is getting more creative in his play these days:)

Brother's lounging in the crib


Joy said...

Wow, sounds like a rough road behind you! Hope the fussiness has ended. Does he not look exactly like his older brother?!?!? Too cute.

Becca said...

Grayson fought sleep like none other as well. In fact, he is just starting to sleep through the night at 11 months, stopped fighting naps around 10 months.
Hang in there!
Your boys are so cute! They are blessed to have great parents.

Rob and Marseille said...

you should post pics of max at zach's age so we can compare-I think they look the same too! I haven't had colicky babies, but I wonder if a front pack or sling would help?

Shaunae said...

I'm so sorry Bethany! The first 2 months we like to call "sleep training". We have a system we use, check the blog, and I can't remember right now what we did, but basically it had to do with routines, putting a baby down to sleep before they are overtired so they learn to fall asleep on their own...., It basically comes from the Babywise or Healthy Sleep Habits book. But the first 2 months are draining! Good luck lady! You're doing great!