Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sister's Recipe Swap: Holiday Favorites

For our Sister's Recipe Swap this month I thought it would be fun to post a holiday favorite. This is an Adair favorite that I have shared with my family and I think it may be a Barnum favorite now. Who can go wrong with a whip cream "salad" right? We have to credit Grandma Maxine Adair for this great holiday favorite.

Cranberry Salad

1 bag fresh cranberries
1-2 cups sugar
2 med oranges
1 pint whip cream

Sort through fresh cranberries discarding bad ones. Put in food processor with 2 peeled oranges. Pulse until finely ground. Add sugar and let sit in fridge overnight or so. Right before serving, drain cranberry mixture through strainer. Prepare whip cream and sweeten lightly. Fold cranberry mixture into whip cream.

*Grandma always prepares lots of the cranberry mixture(relish as she calls it) at one time during the holidays. Then you can prepare the whip cream as you are about to eat it. Otherwise the whip cream will become runny over time. You can really adjust the sweetness and whip cream to relish ratio to your taste.

ENJOY! Ok, Kricket, April and Johanna let's see those holiday favs.

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Rachael and Dan said...

so good! one of my favorites!