Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Skills

Max is learning like crazy right now. He is still working on crawling but this is his attempt. Looks like he will be a great swimmer.

Maybe he will just walk before he crawls.

He is also starting to sign a little. Here he is signing "more".

And finally, here he is playing catch with Daddy. A little improvement from when the ball just bounced off him a few months ago.


Brandon and Rachel Odom said...

CUTE videos! I love the way he says more. When did he start doing that? I've been trying to teach my babies sign language, but I have no idea when they'll figure it out ;)

Darin and Shannon said...

what a happy little guy! I cant believe how much he is changing!

Kricket said...

Video weren't available for me.

John and Bethany said...

Sorry the videos aren't working. I guess blogger is having issues.
Rachel, Max started signing just within the last month. So like 8-9 months old. I made the signs for months before that. Keep at it, it is so cute and useful. I've like the "Early Sign Language" books. They are small, handback, with fun pictures.

Andrea said...

He's adorable Bethany, we really need to play soon!

Shaunae said...

Wow! Max is such a cutie! The first picture I saw of him, I was like, it's Bethany all over!