Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorry I have been a lazy blogger lately. I kept thinking there wasn't a lot to post about but now I see I have quite a few pics and videos to share.
He loves his Daddy, even when he puts silly huge hats on him.
I often find Max playing with one sock off. Funny boy:)
He loves to open the bookshelf and get all his books out.
Sledding with Paige and Austin

Max even sled down the little hill by himself!

I can't say he loved sledding, but he didn't look unhappy. He sure liked eating the snow though.

Max has learned to pull himself up which leads to many new adventures. This is when he earns his nickname Captain Destructo.

He is getting a lot better walking behind his walker. We will see if he can get a few unassisted steps in before his first birthday in about a month.
Lastly, his famous fishy face. I think he discovered this as we tried to get him to make kissing noises.


Becca said...

He has gotten SO BIG! Thanks for the update and pictures. Hope all is well with you guys.

amber w said...

What fun! I'm so sorry we missed you a couple of weeks ago. It would have been so much fun to hang out for a bit and see the boys together. Although Max probably would get pretty bored with Carson, he's still not moving much. One of these days, right? I think his fish face is my favorite!

Kristi said...

How cute! He is growing so fast, I can't believe it. I love the pictures. You need more of you, Bethany! :) (you're probably the one snapping the photos though). Hope you guys are doing great, you deserve it.

Emily and Tom said...

He is SO cute! We miss you all. We need to plan a trip up there to visit!

Clark said...

I can't wait to see him in person! Hopefully Monday?!

Ryan said...

Oh my gosh Bethany, the fish face totally made me laugh out loud! Love it.

Andrea said...

That post from Clark was actually from me, and it was GREAT to see you guys! He's even cuter in person.