Monday, November 1, 2010


The number of trick or treaters we had last night from 5:20-8:20pm. In true Adair fashion, we kept a decent tally which was fun and beneficial for our candy purchasing next year. All we have left is a handful of pixie sticks(good because we won't eat them, bad because we gave away all the good candy first so we don't have any left to eat). Max was a good sport and helped hand out candy and watched Never Ending Story with us. Why did we like that movie as kids? It is so weird! We definitely laughed though.
Saturday night we went to the Stake Trunk or Treat and they had a carnival in the gym too.

Max was a pretty stinkin' cute dinosaur! We also went to the City's Treat on Main event Friday afternoon with some friends.
Last week we went to Bellinger Farms where they have a pumpkin patch. Max could have played in the dirt all day. He tried so hard to pick up the heavy pumpkins.


amber w said...

I love it. Congrats John!! I don't know when Rich's little piece in the paper is running, I'll have to make him ask so I can get a copy for the scrap book. Happy Late Birthday! Enjoy the present!! It looks like a lot of (and I mean a lot) of fun. I like the Halloween pictures as well. That is a lot of trick or treaters. Wow.

Rachael and Dan said...

max is getting so so big! its good to see some updates! love and miss you guys!

Rob and Marseille said...

there are so many cute pics from the pumpkin patch!

Seth & Courtney said...

Congrats on the new baby! I'm partial to boys so I think that's awesome news. Max looks like he's going to be a super big brother. What a cutie!