Monday, November 1, 2010

John is Famous

Well, not really but this ad did run in the local Eastern Oregonian newspaper last week. We didn't know it would be in there so it was funny to open the paper and find John's picture.
John also celebrated his 27th birthday on Oct. 19th. Max was really into blowing out the candles earlier in the day but I think the mass amount of flames on John's cake scared him a little.

We bought a great present for John's birthday. Our first big, fun purchase. John deserves it for all his hard work. He is graduated, certified, licensed and now finally has his National Provider number and DEA number which all means he is legal to work by himself, writing prescriptions and all.
Way to go, John!


garrett said...

Wow, that's quite the mugshot. Congrats!

Marcus and Jenny said...

hahahaha That's awesome! All of it. But the newspaper. What a shock to one day open the paper and see yourself. And way to go on finishing up everything and earning a cool tv. It was a lot of hard work for that screen, but worth it!:) (And Max keeps getting cuter and cuter doesn't he? My heavens!)

telisha said...

Hey adairs! Wish we could see your cute little boy in person... and have fun with number 2!

Rob and Marseille said...

so he can call prescriptions in for us, right? ;)